New Path

New Path is the code name for NoOpArmy's new game. If you combine voxels with creative none-combat gameplay in unexpected ways, You'll get at new path. By definition it is unexpected so don't try to hard and instead take a look at our games page. We sinserely hope you enjoy it.

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Products & services

We develop high quality Unity ad-ons and Networking/server middleware for our own projects and our customers and offer them to others. They have great quality and polish and are created and used by the same people in the same team most of the times. We are not some people from other industries making game server backends or someone without experience. We love to make good games and we know our most valuable resource is time. We also know one of the great ways to save time is good tools. We count on our own tools and hope you can do so as well.
We development services and consulting for games and distributed server/cloud based software. Do you need to make a MultiPlayer game and don't know how? Do you need some help on it? Do you want to increate the performance of your game/software? Do you have a complete game or server software which you want to outsource to us so you don't have to worry about it? Just drop us a line.

Our team & philosophy

Our team consists of few experienced core members which work on multiple internal and customer projects over the years and some contractors which we use on a per project basis and work more with if things go well and projects need them. Great engineers are hard to find and retain but we try our best to remain together and atract good talent when needed and keep it if possible.
Does our philosophy really matter? hell yes! It shows how do we look at the world and what we strive to do. We are quality driven and are ambitious. We want to work on big high quality stuff. We want to work on stuff which we can proudly say: "We did it!". It might not be very huge in scope due to our team size but it has to at least have some of the characteristics we love. It should be creative, high quality, in a cooperation with a great team and have some novel/unexplored elements. These are not just words, In each of our projects and products, you can see us mentioning these things about them. If it wasn't for these, probably we would not even bother working on games and game related stuff. There are many ways to earn lots of money with software. We are in it not only for money. It is a great deal of what we live for.


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