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We at NoOpArmy are back again. We have been busy with contract works and life stuff and we forgot to pay for our previous website 's domain. Some bad opportunistic people bought it and wanted to sell it back to us for more than $750 which in our opinion did not worth it and more important than paying a some of money more than what it should be something, we think morally we are obligated to not do this. If people stop paying these people, They'll simply have no market and have to stop. 

As a result of that and us being busy with projects we did not have a website but so much has happened. We made a server backend for games and worked on interesting contracts and after doing most of the work needed for the backend for the core team, we are starting a new game project of our own too. We'll write more here in our blog soon. Btw we are working on the website and making images ready and ... If you give us a bit more time, we'll finish it. Sorry that it doesn't look good and some of the template information is still in the site. We are working on it.

We're looking forward for a better future and more interesting stuff and interesting talent to join us to move forward stronger.

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