Claw clash of animal warriors

One of our members worked on claw as a network engineer as an individual contractor. He worked on a custom match maker using Orleans and also the network architecture of the metagame and optimized the gameplay networking code as well. He worked on many other things like push notifications, IAP, authentication, full playfab integration, build scripts and game configuration system and ...
The project did not graduate soft-launch at the time of writing this but still was a very fun and interesting project with great people. 

One of the other challenges was running the game on lower end devices and optimizing which again a great deal of it was done by our member. Overall almost all technical challenges of the project has been resolved at the end and the team was proud of what they have done and moved to other stuff equipped with the lessons learned.


18 May 2018


multiplayer, game, Unity, Android, iOS, uNet, Orleans

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