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We provide Unity and .NET based game, simulation and server side application development services. We specialize in multiplayer games and novel technologies and crave for challenging projects.
We also have a few products which might interest you.

Unity Games and simulations

We are experts in Unity and shipped multiple titles with it. We are proficient in editor scripting, almost all Unity APIs and made different kinds of games and applications for PC, WebGL and mobile platforms.

AR and VR (XR if you prefer)

We've worked on multiple small to medium AR catalogs, applications and a tower defen
Dose AR game 5-6 years ago before it became such a phenomenon using Vuforia and Unity. We would love to do more if possible using any of the AR platforms available. new mediums means new possibilities and that's interesting!
Do you want to use ARCore or ARKit? Vuforia? EasyAR? We are fine with them all as long as the idea is possible to execute. We have experience making AR apps enough that we know what is possible and what is snake oil and hype.

Multiplayer games and MMOs

Our members have been contractors at the great MuchDifferent company back then and before and after that we have worked on multiplayer and MMO titles more than single player ones. This is our main expertise.

Distributed, scalable server applications

We got lots of experience making distributed server side applications which scale. From Apadana backend which you can see below to much smaller stuff, we've worked on multiple server side apps. Sometimes you might need a game server or a server for your meta-game stuff outside of your game engine, You might want it cloud ready or based on containers, just drop us a line. Btw We even worked with Erlang and explored deepest dungens of distributed software development.
We provide development and consulting on Microsoft Orleans and other actor model based frameworks and can make distributed server side, cloud ready apps which are easy to maintain and scale horizontally and vertically. We always keep faults in mind and try to achieve both fault tolerance and high performance.


Apadana is a powerful, scalable backend server made for specific needs of game developers which is fully customizable to your exact needs better than any public service

We tell you why


Apadana is a scalable backend framework with many built-in features including:

  • Authentication using email, username and device with support for adding additional custom authentication methods
  • User data storage and read only publisher data storage
  • Real-time messaging and match making
  • C# based scripting using white listed classes to avoid security and stability issues using a unique technology with local debugging support
  • FriendLists and Leaderboards
  • Initial item and drop table support
  • Support for deployment on cloud and on premise servers
  • easy and fast scale-up and scale-down operations
  • Support for multiple databases including CouchBase, Azure CosmosDB, AWS DynamoDB, SQLServer d ...
  • Clean source code for easy addition of new features

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Apadana is written using an actor based framework called Microsoft Orleans which is used on multiple projects inside and outside Microsoft including Halo series of games.
Usage of actors with a good design means that Apadana scales and distributes easily and works in a stateful manner unlike most backend services which are stateless so will have heavier database costs and more latency. Because of this , Apadana has a high throughput as well. It scales to 1000 machines and can easily host more than 5000 players at the same time on a small 4 core, 4 GB machine.
The actors are not dependent on each other and you can asily add new ones or write C# scripts for the server to add your own specific features. Your data is written to the database in a format which you can easily query, analize and also modify from other systems and the front-end part of the technology can be asily changed to support new game engines or network protocols. The database layer is abstracted and each actor's data can be savedd to a verity of databases if needed. 
Apadana can run on public clouds and on em and we ran it on private open stack based clouds and public clouds equally well. For on prem deployments we used and recomment Couchbase and on the cloud we recommend to e cloud provider databases themselves.

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Why Apadana instead of public backend services

If you use Apadana you can easily customize every feature of the backend to what you want or ask us to do it. You only will pay per machine to us and not for your players and also your future is in your control.
Yes setting it up on the cloud at first would require some time but you don't have to wait a year for a feature to be added to a public service provider while you need the feature yesterday. It can easily scale on the cloud using the built-in features of the cloud providers so it will not be as easy as ublic providers but still would not be a nightmare either.
The siource code can be in your hand and you can  customize it to your heart's content. Also since we are not running a public service, any feature should not be written in a way which  protects our costs instead of your game's success. Also we don't need to protect users from each other so can put more power in your hands. Do you need bidirectional friendships, queries to your data, transactions for trading maybe? In Apadana all is possible. Don't worry, we provide you with the tools to load test your ckend so you will not have surprizes at launch day as much as you could.

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If you are interested to learn more, contact us. We wil be happy to discuss and once in a while do a bit of help to some fellow developers for free

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